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Create contests for voice actors, writers, musicians, youtubers, illustrators, artists. Anyone really.

Launch Your Contest in Seconds

You choose the contest type. Video, audio, text, or image Uploads. Entries can be set to public or private and you can control who wins.

“We were paying $1000s to launch our contest other another portal. Neoniva not only is more user friendly, but I never have to think about the budget.”

Daphne Sorghum, Digital Marketing Manager

Collect payment from participants

Contests can be set to free, or you can charge a fee in order to enter the contest

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Flexible Contest Management

Every contest is a little different, so we built a system that works with you.

Unlimited Entries

We won't limit you on how many people can enter your contest.

Manage Team Members

Need help judging all the entries? This is included.

Moderation Tools

Powerful tools to make it as smooth as possible.

Personalized Contest Styles

Make it your own to fit your brand.

Export Your Data

Hey, it's your data. Take it with you.

Rounds & Categories

Does your contest have multiple rounds or different categories (best male, best female)? Yep, we support that.


Exactly how well is your contest campaign going.

Email updates

Instantly email all your contest participants with updates.


We succeed when you succeed

It’s completely free to get started. If your contest is free, Neoniva is free!


$0 /year

All the essentials to run a contest.

  • Unlimited entries, team members

  • 10 email updates

  • Only 1 round

  • 10% per successful entry + $0.30

  • 8MB file size entry limit


$99 /year

When you want power tools.

  • Unlimited entries, team members

  • Unlimited email updates

  • Unlimited rounds

  • 5% per successful entry + $0.30

  • 100MB file size entry limit

  • Premium Support

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