Frequently asked questions

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What's the deal with ratings?
Contest owners can enable ratings on their entries, which lets the public cast their vote by rating each entry. No one sees what you rate an entry, not even the contest owner. The contest owner sees a weighted average based on machine learning.
Not all ratings are created equal. If you try to rate something in the same category as your entry, for example, your weight will be lower. Basically, your vote will count less.
The weight system is a complex algorithm that takes many things into account. Your weight is different every time you cast a vote.
Ultimately, it's up to the contest owner on how they use ratings. Some might announce that the top 20% of entries will be chosen for the next round. Some might use ratings just as a way for you to invite your friends to see the contest.
When do I receive my contest funds?
There is a 14 day window following your project’s deadline where we will be collecting and processing the entry fees. After the 14 days have passed, a payout will be initiated and the funds will be automatically transferred directly to your bank account. Please note, the payout will begin initiating at the time your campaign ended 14 days prior. For example, if your campaign ended at 6:00 PM EST on January 1, the payout will initiate at 6:00 PM EST on January 15.
The payout for your project will be transferred as a single transaction, which should appear in your bank account as coming from Neoniva LLC. It isn’t possible to spread your project’s funds across multiple transactions or bank accounts.
How long will it take to receive the funds?
For successful projects, the funds will be sent 14 days after the project’s deadline, to the bank account originally linked to the project. Depending on your financial institution, it could take an additional 3-14 business days from this point for the funds to appear in your account.
If you’re not seeing the funds in your account two weeks from the date that the payout was initiated, we recommend checking with your bank and providing the payout date and amount that you’re waiting to receive. If you’re still unable to locate your payout after speaking with your bank.