Improvise a Voice for Edamimi

Improvise a voice for the Fire monster, Edamimi from My Singing Monsters.

Improvise a Voice for Edamimi
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Edamimi is a plant-like monster with elements of Plant, Earth, Water, and Fire. She has an onion-esque head with a leaf. Inside the leaf is a small, pea-shaped object. She has two vine-like arms with five pods on each of them. The arms are curled at the ends. Her body has the appearance of a flower-like dress, fading from green to orange, and having a leafy collar. Her feet are green with two curled toes on each. Percussionists are renowned for their well-developed forearms, but the Edamimi is not your garden-variety instrumentalist. Far from brawny, her forelimbs are delicate and twig-like, performing a balletic display that can only be described as ap-'pea'-ling. Her rattles are light and bright, with a metallic clarity that plays in sharp contrast to its organic nature. A precocious rascal, the Edamimi likes to contemplate the havoc that might be wrought by a single, rogue garden pea. Pet peeves include garden tools, insufficient drainage, and extended droughts.

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