Closing Credits Semesterly Take-All

Take home all the entry fees and free credits to spend on Closing Credits. Current prize pot $100.

Closing Credits Semesterly Take-All
No Open Rounds
Current Round
(Total rounds: 1)


The rules:

1.There is a sample script for you to read below.

2. The Closing Credits team will choose a winner


  • First place winner takes home all the entry fees (san processing fees)
  • Runner-up takes home 10 credits to use on Closing Credits, even if they are not a current member

NOTE: apologies for the potato quality images of the scripts. Any questions please at them in the comments area.

Entries are closed
Cannot submit entries because all rounds are currently closed. This contest has been marked as completed.


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He's an amateur voice actor and tells incredibly mediocre dad jokes.

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