Closing Credits Semesterly Take-All

Take home all the entry fees and free credits to spend on Closing Credits. Current prize pot $100.

Closing Credits Semesterly Take-All
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And the winners are...!

Drum roll please.

After going through all the entries, meticulously scrutinizing each nuance, each inclination, we have finally come up with a winner and a runner-up!

This was a tough call, especially the top 5.  Luckily, I wasn't on the judging panel, because there were some heavy debates among the judges. But alas, we had to narrow it down to just two.

Without further ado:

The runner-up: Onyx!
Here is the entry:

Onyx will receive 10 credits on Closing Credits

And the winner: Erin!
Erin will receive all the entry fees from the contest (minus credit card processing fees). $184 in cash!

Onyx and Erin, please email [email protected] to claim prizes.