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Say Hello to Neoniva!

Neoniva is a contest platform. That means you can enter or create contests of any kind, like:

  • best joke
  • most impressive pencil art
  • top 5 Rubix Cube Juggling TikToks
  • least believable maniacal laughter from a voice actor

-- You name it!

It's up to the contest creator if they want a free entry contest or a paid entry contest.

1. If your contest has free entry, Neoniva is free! So create as many contests as you like and test it out. 

2. If your contest has an entry fee, Neoniva takes a small percentage.

This particular contest is FREE entry.

If you are a contest creator, you don't have to give a reward, but it's always nice to give one. Even if the reward is an epic gif, or a special shoutout. Just make people feel good. That's my motto.

If you have a paid entry contest, it's definitely frowned upon to not have a really nice reward. For example, Closing Credits runs a contest every couple months where all the entry fees are given to the winner, and it's glorious.

This particular contest is giving out $5,000 which is detailed below.

There are 5 ways to win $1000 each. You can create as many entries as you like.

Best Celebrity Impersonation (Voice Acting) - $1000 USD prize

Buford and his team of mods will listen to each one of your entries and choose a winner when the contest is over. Details below.

Best Monologue (Acting) - $1000 USD prize

Buford and his team of mods will watch each one of your videos and choose a winner when the contest is over. Details below.

Best Panel Comic (Artist) - $1000 USD prize

Buford and his team of mods will review each one of your comics and choose a winner when the contest is over. Details below.

People's Choice - $1000 USD prize

Whoever has the highest star rating from this contest will take home the prize.

Quick note about rating: it will be very hard to cheat the rating system. It is a decaying weighted average algorithm based on machine learning, very similar to the Reddit and Hacker News algorithms. Ratings are anonymous. No one will know what you rated someone else.

Example: If you go down the list of entries and put a 1-star rating on every entry, your vote will count for less. 

Example 2: If you invite all your friends to give your entry a 5-star rating and they leave Neoniva without ever coming back to the site, their vote will count less. 

Example 3: If you do not rate other entries at all, your own entry ratings will decay and be lowered.

Basically, don't cheat. Be good to each other. Learn more about ratings on the FAQs.

New Contest Creator - $1000 USD prize

If you create a new contest on Neoniva sometime between now and when this contest ends, you will be entered to win this prize. Buford will randomly select the winner.

The contest you create has to have at least 15 entries. It does not need to have an entry fee. It can be free entry.
The contest can literally be anything -- e.g "best Marvel meme". It's just meant to get your creative juices flowing and spark initial activity on Neoniva.


Video entries

(Acting) Best Monologue

$0 USD entry fee

Here are the rules:

  • Record a video of yourself performing a monologue. It can be any monologue - original or borrowed from elsewhere.
  • You can re-create a scene from a film or stage performance if you prefer.
  • Monologue's must be a VIDEO of yourself.
Bonus: If your monologue mentions Neoniva in any way, Buford will love you.

Prize: $1000 USD

Have fun!

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Audio entries

(Voice Acting) Best Celebrity Impersonation

$0 USD entry fee

Here are the rules:

  1. Choose any number of celebrities. They could be real people, characters in an animation/game.
  2. Record yourself impersonating that celebrity.
  3. In the notes field, tell us which celebrity you were impersonating and maybe add a link if the celebrity is not really well known.

BONUS: if the celebrity endorses Neoniva, Buford will love you.

Endorsement from Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves and Heath Ledger's Joker.

Prize: $1000 USD

Have fun!

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Image entries

(Artist) Best Panel Comic

$0 USD entry fee

Here are the rules:

  • Draw a panel comic.
  • It can be colored or black & white

Bonus: If it mentions Neoniva, Buford will love you.

Prize: $1000 USD

Have fun! Here are some examples:

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