Neoniva Launch Party

$5000 in cash rewards

4 months
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  • Neoniva Winner #1

    Two months ago, Buford announced a brand new website for competitions: Neoniva.

    And to celebrate the launch of that website, he held a contest that would be giving away $5,000 in cash. The judges have scrutinized the ...

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  • Entries Are Closed

    We did it. Neoniva is launched and a whole bunch of people came to check it out. About 50,000 of you total. From that, 661 entries were made for the different categories and dozens of new contests are live right now, some ha...

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  • Better Images & Paid Contest Badges

    Quick update.Image Entries are no longer cropped. You can now have extra wide or tall image entries.Contests now have a reward badge showing what their total reward is. If you have a contest that has a reward, you can add th...

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  • Better Videos

    Hey all,I LOVE seeing the entries come in! It's so excited to launch this contest!I just wanted to let you know that the video upload experience you all had the last few days as been horrible and I blame myself. I've decided...

    Better Videos
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